About me

Hello, my name is John Brownlie.

I came to Korea in July 2009 and have been keeping an unofficial journal of my time here. For part, working as an English teacher in Ulsan before moving to live in Haeundae for six months.  Now, working as a one to one English teacher in Seoul, I am looking to continue my adventure for another year. These articles are just my observations and in no way speaks for the entire Korean population or culture. Much like their flag, Korea is very much yin-yang, the extremely good and the extremely bad.


You can also find my new blog: brownbeartrip.wordpress.com which will document my adventures around the globe.

You can now also follow me on twitter @ http://twitter.com/jdbrownlie









  1. Samd says:

    Wow your blog is cool! I love how you share your experiences online in a witty and interesting way. I also love how different it is from the other 10,000 blogs on Korea. I’m so glad you whored it here(Dave’s ESL) or I never would have found it!

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