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Drivers have the attitude of: ‘ I’m not going to slow down, I’m pushing my horn to tell you that.’
‘Horn first brake second’
© John Brownlie 2010
With all extreme sports the attraction is an apparent danger to the extremist that may involve speed, height and physical exertion. Korea is full of options to do just that, bungee jumps, white water rafting, climbing….
Riding the bus in Korea is not dissimilar, novices without a seat can be flung violently around unless having a firm grip of something secure. Looking ahead toward the road that is yet to come, having the more vulgar driver unyielding in their speed with their seat fitted with suspensions, cushioning every blow that the 10 tonne bus takes down the straight, worn roads.
Unnerving in the amount of passengers the driver carries, they drive as if a bomb were attached to the bottom of the bus, tempting the driver to go under a set speed limit for it to blow. More seasoned veterans have the ability to ‘ride’ the bus, having a firm hold of a handle and letting your body flow with the bumps.
During peak times, it can be impossible to get from one end of the bus to the other, thrusting your crotch into a seated passenger’s face as the person behind you machetes their way through the crowd to get to the door. If you want to travel the bus safely then this is probably the best time to do it. Making your way to the back of the bus would be ideal, because braking suddenly could cause a domino effect and if the unfortunate at the front of the bus hasn’t flown through the window and some 30ft down the road then they would most likely be at the bottom of a man made acme anvil.
© John Brownlie 2010